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#3 Waking up thru Divorce with Elizabeth Winkler

Welcome back to Awakenings in Real Life! Conversations about the spiritual journey of women and mothers in contemporary life. This podcast is hosted by integrative psychotherapist and meditation teacher Kathryn Chaya Lubow, and actress and transformational life coach Ruby Mercado. Join us as we share insights, challenges and laughs on what its like to dive deep and wake up in the middle of our everyday lives.

Awakenings in Real Interview

In this episode, we speak to Elizabeth Winkler MFT, psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher, therapist for Own Network’s “Livin Lozada” and Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules”, and featured blogger for It’s Over Easy, as well as mother of two children.

It was a privilege and a delight for her to be our first guest of 2018! She is an amazing example and inspiration to us for how to integrate simple spiritual practices into everyday life for both kids and adults alike.

Together, we explore:

*How she was inspired to create unique mindfulness practices for kids such as “Heart Surgery” and “Carseat Meditation”. She guides us through both of these amazing practices in this episode!

*Her spiritual path of awakening, including healing the pain of her mother’s death and how she directly faced her fears (of rats!) in the midst of family life

*How mindfulness has been the “bullet train to freedom” for herself and her clients and how she now lives in the question mark

*The power of bringing women together to uplift and build community

*Her work of mindful untethering, and how it has inspired her to change the face of divorce, including collaborating with It’s Over Easy

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