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#6 Waking up with Nature’s help with Tabitha Jayne

Welcome to Awakenings in Real Life!
We are so honored to offer this episode with Tabitha Jayne, BSC, MSC, MBPSS, CPC, FRSA. Tabi has nearly a decade’s experience in delivering nature connected solutions in a variety of public, private and third party settings. She also has MSc in Applied Ecopsychology and is completing her 2nd MSc. in Professional Development with a focus on how nature connection can create transformational change.
It was a powerful episode for all of us, as she recorded the podcast on the same day that her grandmother had passed away.  We shared tears, and laughter on the beauty of these true awakenings in real life and how to work with our pain in a conscious and inspired way with the assistance of nature.
In this episode we explore:
-how the death of her brother and childhood trauma were catalysts of awakening
-how to make spirituality and awakening tangible by connecting to nature
-how to allow difficulties and let them pass as nature does
-how nature reminders, such as animals, have come to remind the hosts of lost loved ones
-how Ruby received a beautiful and clear answer from nature that her daughter with SMA should have an operation
To learn more about Tabitha Jayne, please visit:
Ruby Mercado:
Kathryn Chaya Lubow

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