I See God

Thru trials and tribulations I grow, I learn more about this life I’m living and more about myself. I let go more of the control this mind/body tries to hang on to. And I surrender to love. I openly let others in. I love them, love their helpful nature, and see myself in them. I give up control and have faith. Faith in god, faith in humanity, faith in me. I learn to let go, I learn I still have human issues that need to be resolved, honored, and worked out. Awakening is always evolving, always learning, always being open to love. It’s loving the hectic moments, loving your imperfections, laughing at yourself and knowing that no matter what you are feeling or going thru that all is well. All is, always was and forever will be well.
I see God. I see God everywhere – in everything. The homeless man walking across the moving traffic, barefoot, on drugs. I see his perfection. The couple laughing holding hands in their own world. I see God. The birds flying in the sky. I see God. The gray windy sky. I see God. The strong winds bending the tallest palm trees and they remain strong and don’t break. I see God. The frustrated driver screaming at a car who cut him off. I see God. My sick child, her fragile body, fighting a virus hooked up to so many machines. I see God. I see perfection. I feel my heart breaking seeing my child suffer. I feel God. I feel immense love thru the pain. I see what god wants to experience and so I let go, I surrender, and I create my story thru the eyes of God.


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