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#7 Waking up thru Breast Cancer with Daya Vaidya

We are so happy to share this podcast with Daya Vaidya, actress, wife, mother of three, and two time breast cancer survivor.  She is a series regular on Amazon’s Bosch (Season 4 airs this week!) as well as known for her work on the CBS show Unforgettable and the award winning indie film “Blue”, which her husband wrote and produced.

Daya Vaidya
Daya Vaidya on Awakenings in Real Life
In this podcast, we dove deep and explored so many important topics:
  • Her full circle journey from booking her first major network series, to having three kids under three, to her healing journey as a two time breast cancer survivor
  • Her moment of facing mortality when you have a choice to give up, leave this world, or you get back in it and you go even deeper!
  • Impact of making changes around what she ate, how she worked out, who she surrounded herself with, and leaving behind toxic thinking
  • How to feed your soul on a daily basis and finding your own bag of tricks
  • Talking facetune, Instagram and finding the beauty of our flaws!
  • Facing our own prejudices and talking about race
  • Her connection to political activism coming from a family in which her dad’s dad walked with Gandhi and her mother fought in the civil right’s movement
  • Her choice to change the needle of culture with her art and so much more!
Find Daya:  IG @dayavaidya, Twitter @Daya10
Ruby Mercado:
Kathryn Chaya Lubow

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