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#8 Waking up thru Depression with Angie Vroom

We loved speaking with Angie Vroom, writer, artist, meditation teacher, producer of the feminist podcast Don’t Waste Your Pretty and mother to a 7 year old daughter.

Angie, who is such a gifted storyteller, shares with us her spiritual autobiographical journey from evangelical Christianity and Jesus camp as a teen, to her obsession with the Holocaust, to the Himalayas, becoming a teacher of Vedic Meditation, and the birth of her daughter.

IMG_1278In this episode, we had so many incredible conversations such as:

-her struggle with depression and choosing meditation over medication

-an awakening experience to universe size protons and the role of psychedelics that can create a “short cut”

-how we are constantly forgetting that we are already enlightened

-the experience of transcendent grief as well as transcendent rage which connects us to each other and our own experiences

-the rise of a feminine spiritual practice and how her activism and spiritual practice are not separate

-deconstructing the dominant spiritual narrative where a high energy positive vibe is valued as opposed to living in the full spectrum of reality and emotional life

-offering an authentic, imperfect version of her self as a teacher rather than making promises of enlightenment

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