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#10 Waking up thru Abuse and Special Needs Parenting with Jocelyn Daher

We are so happy to welcome Jocelyn Daher to our podcast!

Jocelyn’s gift is being able opening people’s hearts. In that opening, being able to see who you really are without who you think you should be for everyone else. This sacred space we create together is where your essence is able to be connect to deeply and often for the first time, able to be completely seen, held and honored.
Jocelyn Daher on Awakenings in Real Life
You may be wondering, what is Self-Sourced Sacred Sexuality?

Sexual energy is the energy that moves all of creation, it is life force energy.
Being “Self-Sourced” is when you connect to this creation energy and you learn how to balance, channel and circulate your life force to consciously create the life you want. Knowing you are the source of love itself.

She teaches about understanding your inner Masculine and Feminine aspects within lead to a gateway of self mastery. This balance sets the stage for your soul essence, your soul calling to come forward in this lifetime.
In this episode, she shares with us her story of awakening as well as the depth of her teachings:

* the awakening that occurred at 19 soon after giving birth to her son with Down syndrome, when her abusive boyfriend tried to kill her
* How she healed from the aftermath of this traumatic near death experience in which she felt numb, to receiving and self-sourcing love in order to be of service to her son
* Her path of self-sourced sacred sexuality, which she discovered in healing from her own trauma
* how her own fragmented “inner masculine” kept her from being able to care for and hold her self, just as some have a fragmented inner feminine in which one has an inability to be vulnerable or connect deeply with others
* Dropping out of the head and into the womb in which the power of life force energy lies, the source of self-love
* The Mary Magdalene path, and reclaiming of the divine feminine.
* The differences between her teachings from her now ex-boyfriend, (but still close friend) Bentinho Massaro’s; from living in the absolute, to path of embodiment

To contact Jocelyn:

facebook: transformationalguide

Instagram: @jocelyndaher

Link to her upcoming retreat: norwegian re-wilding retreat and Mary Magdalene immersion

Also follow us @awakeningsinreallife and Find us on facebook


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