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#12 Waking up from Heartbreak and Shamanism with Alyson Charles

Alyson Charles is the Internationally renowned Television Host, Speaker and Spiritual Teacher, Alyson Charles aka RockStar Shaman who went from being a national champion athlete, #1-rated radio host and national daytime television talk show host to aligning with her calling as a shaman and mystic after a traumatic moment provided her awakening.

Alyson leads us in a beautiful shamanic journey at the end of the podcast! In this episode we explore:
– the development of her clairaudience, learning about her ex-fiance’s betrayals that ended a 16 year relationship and catalyzed her awakening process
– Importance of having support from friends and tribe in our shadow where we can truly be in our ugly
– Relying on the healer within rather than looking for the instant fix
– Allowing the path of awakening to be about thriving and rejoicing, rather than only the hard work
– When you don’t know what is happening during the awakening process
– how awakenings do not have to go hand in hand with  cataclysmic trauma or near death experiences – they can be much gentler
– Embodiment, vulnerability, transparency and TRUST as key aspects of the awakening process
– The importance of bridging heaven and earth, (the rock and star), the grounding with the high frequency energies
– When we get into “the clench” or constriction…what fear based thoughts are coming up?
– Her new work in “shamanic PR” pitching other lightworkers and healers

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