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#13 Waking Up After Seizures with Michelle Pellizzon

We are so happy to share our convo with Michelle Pellizzon.

Michelle Pellizzon is the founder of Holisticism.  A certified health coach,
published author, and former professional modern dancer, Michelle has spent the
last five years working in the tech industry in Silicon Beach. After an epilepsy
diagnosis at 17, she found herself immersed in the world of wellness—and
eventually that journey, coupled with her experience in the startup space, led
her to start Holisticism—a platform and community where people can connect with
alternative and complementary wellness practitioners. Michelle is passionate
about making wellness accessible to everyone, everywhere. She lives in LA and is
constantly searching for strong coffee and Wifi.


She shares all about her wake up call to listen to her body after she began having seizures out of the blue at age 17. Her healing journey opened her eyes, ears and body to many practices and modalities and she is now on a mission to democratize wellness in this modern age.  She also explores how grief and loss have impacted her, including walking away from what she had thought was the career of her dreams as a dancer.

Other gems include:

Transcendent running,

Disordered eating,

A now popular diet craze that she used that was developed to cure epilepsy,

Hearing all voices and thoughts of people in a room at one time,

Misogyny in the dance world,

How breathwork helped her make peace with seizures,

How a weekly email to connect friends with resources has turned into an ever evolving wellness platform: On Holiticism,

The connection between successful entrepreneurs and having a wellness practice,


p.s. michelle has been seizure free for 6 years!

At the end of the podcast, she shares with us her favorite practice for grounding- you have to give this one a try! It is unlike anything we had ever experienced before…

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