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#14 Waking up from Eating Disorders and Addiction thru Compassion with Danielle Szasz

This week we are sharing our interview with the lovely Danielle Szasz,  a mom, psychotherapist and meditation teacher who was unknowingly blessed by being fired from her secure job as a lawyer. We learn about her journey thru separating herself from a Mormon upbringing and how that affected her – including leading her thru a path of alcoholism, anorexia, bulimia and eventually forcing her to surrender into her calling.


Other things we talk about:

Her experience on this spiriual journey after hitting many “rock bottoms” and how being fired from her secure job was the best gift.

What “soul sickness” means to her and the importance of seeking out help and resources

The importance of Mindfulness in her healing

Taking big leaps of faith

Becoming a mother and stepmother at the same time

Healing attachment injury and practices that have helped her along her path and so much more

And she leads us in a beautiful compassion practice at the end.  Don’t forget to join her 100 day of Happiness Challenge on Instagram!

Side note- you might hear little ones in the background; we are moms and sometimes get to bring our kids to work 😉

You can find her at:

Mind Heart Body Therapy – click to visit her site

on Instagram @mindheartbodytherapy

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To reach us, and share your stories of awakening:




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