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#15 Awakening thru Chronic Illness with Jamie Wozny

We are so grateful to share our podcast with Jamie Wozny! She is spiritual teacher, reiki master, transformational life coach, motivational speaker & animal communicator. We loved sitting down with Jamie and hearing her story. There are some teachers who have truly gone through their own dark night of the soul, and return with gems for all of us. She truly walks the walk and is here to light a path for many to follo

Some highlights of our conversation include:

-How her journey of awakening was kicked into gear through healing from chronic illness and Lyme disease

-How she shifted from traditional to alternative models of medicine and healing, including ditching 13 years of anxiety medication

-Her her healing journey led to the development of her gifts as a healer, channel and animal communication and the gift of learning to receive

-the ways that intuition speaks to all of us

-understanidng how we can discern powerful, spiritual energies as well as empathy from anxiety, and how it impacts so many sensitive children

-the less you do, the more you heal

We finish the podcast with a beautiful meditation led by Jamie about how to let ourselves JUST BE.

IG: @jamiewozny

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