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#16 Waking up thru Soul Hacking and more with Garz Chan

Tune in to our latest episode with Garz Chan! She is a Chinese Energy Healing practitioner. She is also certified in Kundalini Yoga, DNA Theta Healing, Aroma Touch, Innergetics, Akashic Records, Quantum Touch, 5th Dimensional Quantum Healing, Pranic Healing, master I.E.T.,master NLP life coach and has studied Psychic Mediumship.


We speak about some amazing topics including:

Her reluctant journey to becoming a healer, including her child’s illness which served to motivate her to develop her gifts.

Her ability to detect spirit energy from a young age, how she hid it, and how it was reawakened when her young son shared her gifts of sensitivity

How her divorce taught her “marriage shows you your weakness, while divorce shows you your strengths”

In order for our kids to heal, we must do the healing work on the parents!

How to ask for signs from the universe and be truly open to the answer.

How to manifest quickly by developing the tools you need, tune into the frequency you want and make peace with your shadows and demons.

Using subconscious hacking work to help you to recognize what beliefs do not belong to you! (They often belong to your parents and your ancestors!)

All about her ayahuasca healing journey which helped heal her relationship with her late father..

And much more!!

Also, you can watch her demo of her work with Chaya in which she helps her to process juggling multiple careers with an anxious child on Youtube!


Find Info about Garz at


Find Info about her trainings at

On Youtube:  Alchemist’s Arts Healings

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