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#18 Waking up thru Language with Dani Katz

This week we have Dani Katz, author of The New P. Handbook, Vol. 1: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change

She established her reputation as one of LA’s edgiest literary talents while writing about art, sex, consciousness, and visionary/transformational culture for the LA Weekly, back in its early millennium heyday. She has since contributed to dozens of publications, including Los Angeles Times, Vice, Teen Vogue, Swindle, LA Yoga, Whole Life Times/Magazine and Santa Fe Reporter, as well as Nerve, The Numinousand Reality Sandwich.

danikatzKatz works as a Communication Strategist and a Quantum Languaging Coach/Consultant, supporting a growing community of spiritual warriors, planetary superheroes and visionary leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs in actualizing their potential, upleveling their lifestyles, optimizing their offerings and transforming the world for the infinitely more wonderful, by way of their every word.

In this episode, she shares about her journey of awakening, from an ashtanga yogi to waking up one morning incapacitated with 5 compressed discs in her cervical spine.

While on her couch for 5 months, she found a book about languaging codes and started to see the energetic frequency and vibrations of words. When people spoke, she could view the way the energy was being transmitted and started to attune people to these divine codes in order to harmonize our world using language!

We explore how we can use language to shift out of the victim paradigm, and move out of the distortion of self-pity and our negative story with practical hacks

How the subconscious mind is always on alert, and how mindfulness with language can serve to uplift and empower ourselves and others

She speaks about how psychedelics, sex and death have been gateways to her awakening experiences of nonduality and knowledge that we are not separate – we truly are ONE.

For Empaths, the importance of asking  “is this mine?”, regarding what we are feeling and how to release what isn’t ours.

She shares her practical energy tools to set a high frequency for the day!

Dani explores how to rewrite our (the hosts’) negative beliefs and how to tie the upgrades to the bigger vision, and much more!

For more info on Dani:

IG: @something.dani

Youtube channel: Words (are) matter

Free content on languaging hacks and languaging upgrades to empower your self!

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