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#19 Waking up thru Hypnotherapy

Amy Budden is the founder of Connect the Mind and is a certified hypnotherapist and meditation teacher. Prior to founding Connect the Mind, she worked as a Hollywood film editor and found her way into meditating as a way to recharge when a personal “life quake” hit in the form of a health issue. She is the mother of two daughters and operates her practice out of Los Angeles, CA.

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This episode is this is for all of the skeptics out there! Amy’s work is based in neuroscience as well as clinically proven techniques that can be used to heal the body and mind, to achieve greater states of coherence and positive emotions.

Her inspiring personal story of growth and healing of both herself and her once ill daughter gives us access to a roadmap for how to heal, restore and rewire our body, heart and mind.

In this episode, she shares with us so many incredible gems of insight including:

  • how she used meditation to cope through 8 miscarriages before her youngest daughter was born
  • how she stumbled upon the path of hypnosis and guided visualization when her youngest daughter became very ill
  • how she learned to reconcile this alternative approach with conventional science
  • how to live in coherence, positive emotion, 90% day and stay in your resilience
  • her development of the “magic nap” and how we can create coherence and well being in 20/min a day
  • she shares about the astounding results in her practice including working with multiple clients who are over 45 and pregnant with their own eggs
  • how we can use technology to help our kids meditateas well as guided imagery with kids (the images of a fairy and paintbrush helped her then toddler daughter heal from a life threatening illness)
  • her life hacks for getting a natural high and her secret to not getting tired during the day


AND SO MUCH MORE! She finishes the podcast with a beautiful 10 minute guided meditation for building coherence.  She also mentions that if you email her, she will send you a free guided meditation as well! @

You can find more information about Amy’s work, her meditation events and retreats at


IG: @connectthemind

Your hosts:


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