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#20 Round Table with Bliss and Grit Podcast creators Vanessa and Brooke

We were thrilled to spend time chatting with the hosts of the Bliss and Grit podcast Vanessa Scotto and Brooke Thomas who have conversations about being on a spiritual path in the modern world. It was so fun for us to share stories and geek out about awakening in contemporary life and how each of us walks our own unique road.
In this episode we explore:
– How they stumbled into non-duality
  • The dark night of the soul
  • Working with intense energetic awakenings
  • Integrating the bliss and the grit
  • How trauma can impact awakening
  • Coming out of dissociation and landing in the body
  • The transformation of an anxiety attack on retreat
  • How each person has their own map of awakening
  • What does it mean to be embodied as well as non-identified with the body on this path?
  • Waking up out of the pain of self hatred and into the knowingness of one’s worth
  • How we are both one as well as the human individual
  • Balancing parenting and the path
  • Spiritual bypass and much more!
Youtube: Bliss + Grit
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Brooke Thomas
Vanessa Scotto


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